Courtenay and Comox on Central Vancouver Island are a Mecca for retirees. People come here from all areas of Canada to enjoy the mild climate and incredible beauty of the region.

Of course, some of them expect to be mentally stimulated as well and that’s why the North Island College (NIC) offers high quality courses just for seniors through the ElderCollege program. Before COVID19 there were 60 courses available but now, with the restrictions, only 25 via Zoom.

When I received invitations from NIC and VIU (Vancouver Island University) to teach for the Fall term, I resisted because I felt that certain important components of the course would not be met with the online approach. No eye to eye personal contact, so important for mental health and a sense of well-being as a member of the herd. Besides, using technology is often a great challenge for me. However, now that I have been assured lots of assistance, I can see the advantages and have opened my mind. Basing my future online success on my abilities as an instructor and my desire to be of service, I have agreed to teach both at NIC and VIU starting in February.

If you have always had a dream, vision, or goal, this course may be for you. It is called ‘Making Your Dreams Come True’ and encourages participants to find clarity about what they REALLY want out of life and identify their longings and discontents. At the same time, they get a chance to discover the fears which are holding them back. It’s all done in a fun and insightful way to better understand how the laws of the Universe work.

An important aspect of this course is the sharing part where people learn about themselves through writing exercises, open up, support each other, and talk about their dreams and learn what steps they can take towards them. One former course participants told me that she did acquire the exact car that she had had in mind all through the training. You should have seen her smile!

Dorothea L. Gordon