While I was living in Victoria, I constantly made use of their excellent library system. There were different book selections in different branches and I was never without books of my favourite authors or subjects.

When I moved to a smaller community in the Comox Valley, I had to get used to ordering books via their catalogue rather than browsing the physical shelves. And then COVID 19 hit and all the libraries were closed. I was desperate for reading material and had to resort to the little library at our bus stop. I’d go home with half a dozen books and found maybe one or two that met my requirements for an enjoyable read. Most what claimed to be NY Times bestseller material was surprisingly full of hot air. I learned a lot about what people like to read and decided to use these insights to my advantage.

So, while I was writing my own book, I made sure it would be easy to read and educating at the same time. From the feedback I have received so far, I have achieved my goals. I’m delighted that the local library system has acquired two of my books and is putting them into circulation. I have now come full circle in that I have gone from literary consumer to literary contributor.

The hardest part is getting the word out that my book exists because there are no opportunities for book launches or presentations. Everything is done electronically now, which is safe but at the same time can have a detrimental effect on folks who yearn to be in other people’s physical company. I was really aware of the importance of this interpersonal contact when I was teaching courses for the ElderCollege last year. For many seniors it seemed to be a life line to connect with others on a deeper level during those classes.

We may well be protected from viruses on the outside through social distancing but wither on the inside from lack of soul connection. No wonder people are breaking the rules to have their needs met.

Dorothea L. Gordon

B.A. M.Ed.