Like attracts like

In my book ‘When Life Has Other Plans…Discover the hidden gifts’ I describe in chapter 15 exactly how I designed my future husband 7 years ago. I developed a clear picture of what I wanted, namely someone who shared my core values and would bring out the best in me. I have succeeded brilliantly – mind you, with some surprising help from the Spirit side. I could not have planned all the events which had to take place to bring about the desired result, but I credit my knowledge of how energy patterns work.

In my last column I explained how the quality of our thoughts impacts our results. Thoughts are pure energy. They vibrate on a certain frequency and when we send them out into the Universe, they attract people, things, and situations which vibrate on that same wave length. Imagine for a moment a room full of tuning forks all calibrated to various pitches. However, only the one you just hit will create a response from tuning forks with the same calibration, even if they are in another part of the house. This is the Law of Attraction, namely like attracts like.

So, if you want to change something in your life, you first have to change the frequency level you are operating on. Becoming aware that you are basically a walking magnet will inspire you to choose wisely where you want to spend your mental energy. Are you enriching your life with a focus on what’s working or bemoaning what’s causing you frustration? It’s ok to occasionally express your dissatisfaction to yourself but try not to dump it on others. The frequency you radiate can have an empowering or depressing effect on others. If you are interested in creating a better environment, whether around you or in the world, become aware of the constructive contributions you can make. It’s called “The Power of One’ or “Be the change you want to see happen’.

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Dorothea L. Gordon