The Comox Valley Girls’ Group just got a boost from the Canadian Women’s Foundation that will help better prepare girls to become future leaders in our community.

CV Girls’ Group is a free, Comox Valley Transition Society (CVTS)-run program designed to increase girls’ positive connection to community, to develop critical thinking skills especially regarding media literacy, and to increase self-confidence. In August, CVTS received news that the program had been awarded $15,000 from the Canadian Women’s Foundation to support several new initiatives, including expanding the program to include a new age group (girls 10/11 years of age), and to incorporate a focus on women in leadership.

“Our ultimate goal is to help create a climate where girls feel empowered to become leaders and create change in the community and beyond.” says Wendy Morin, CV Girls’ Group coordinator, facilitator and trainer, and Courtenay City Councillor. “We know that by the age of 11 or 12, girls have already been significantly impacted by barriers related to their gender, race and socio-economic status. We also know that less that 20% of political and corporate leaders are women. It is our hope that the program will help
participants believe they have a voice and can aspire to become these leaders.”

The Canadian Women’s Foundation grant funding program is a competitive process. “We feel particularly grateful to receive this funding,” says Anne Davis, CVTS program coordinator. “This year, there were over 130 applicants from across the country, and only 27 programs are selected for funding. The fact that we received this support speaks volumes to the quality of the program.”

Due to COVID-19, all Girls’ Group sessions are being offered via Zoom, at least for the start of the Fall programming. CVTS is able to provide technical solutions to those girls who may not have access to equipment. For more information about CV Girls Group or to register, visit

Wendy Morin,

CV Girls’ Group Coordinator, Facilitator and Trainer, Comox Valley Transition Society