How our thoughts affect our physical, mental, and emotional health

You may have a different opinion but I believe that awareness of what we think about is the most important trait for anyone who wants to create success in their life. Be it in the area of health and wellbeing, love and relationships, or business endeavours, creative expression, more time, and financial freedom. Those are the main domains where people focus their thoughts.

To become aware of where we put our precious energy, we need to take a look at the kinds of thoughts we entertain all day long. Do we focus on what’s going right in our lives or are we full of woe for the state of the world, angry at someone, frustrated with ourselves, our children, partner, relatives…the list is endless. What most people are not aware of is the impact these negative thoughts have on their bodies, minds, and emotions. They create corrosive chemicals which can eventually manifest as dis-ease. There is a healthier way to think.

As an alternative health practitioner, I have come across many folks whose painful symptoms only made sense once we discovered that there were underlying negative thought patterns which they had nurtured for years – if not for a lifetime.

I was first exposed to the Results Formula concept during my training as a DreamBuilder coach. It threw me for a loop. Really, I was supposed to have brought on my successes and failures through the thoughts I had been entertaining? I couldn’t blame anyone else for the messes in my life? That seemed harsh at first but once it was explained to us students, realization set in:

– Thoughts create feelings
– Feelings create actions
– Actions create results

Let’s say you’ve misplaced your keys. What kinds of thoughts come up? Anger and frustration? Impatience with yourself? This type of thought creates feelings in response to which your body will pump out adrenaline, speed up your heart beat and raise your blood pressure. Your actions are negatively affected because your mental power is scrambled. It takes much longer to remember where you could have left your keys. If you choose a compassionate thought and forgive yourself for your forgetfulness, remain calm and take a deep soothing breath, you may be able to retrace your steps, or allow pictures to form in your mind which will eventually lead you to your keys. Your choice of thoughts creates very different results!

In order to counteract negativity and to promote health producing thoughts, I practice gratitude. It means I focus mostly on all the people and things in my life that are ok, are going well, bring me joy.

I encourage you to introduce this new and easy health habit: when you wake up in the morning, feel deep gratitude for the fact that you are still breathing, have a roof over your head and food in the fridge. Add bonuses like family and friends, a great community, mobility…. whatever makes you feel grateful.

Then notice how your days start to feel different.

Dorothea L. Gordon