Some of you readers may remember me as a Tidechange contributor from last year. As a DreamBuilder coach I interviewed business people in the Comox Valley who had started out in one career and then followed their dream and switched into another one, often with a lot of hard work and sacrifice. But in the end, they reached a state of inner contentment which created a positive ripple effect in their outer environment.

In this regular weekly column, I intend to invite you, dear readers, to follow me through stories, events, and interviews to gain a better understanding of what Life is trying to tell you. You can then use the information and your insights to add more fulfillment, joy, and understanding to what’s happening inside you and around you. We all have to go through the school of hard knocks but the tools we have available to handle a situation and our perspective on it have a major effect on our mental and physical health.

My information is meant to contribute to your sense of wellbeing and longevity with an emphasis on quality. I have always loved helping people and will use my skills as a wise woman to brighten your world view and outlook on life. Occasionally I may address the advantages of alternative medicine and my work with energy balancing, auricular (ear) laser acupuncture, Somatic Experiencing, and emotional hygiene. I can speak with some authority as I have been studying and applying these skills on individuals for many years.

As a retired educator I enjoy contributing life skills to folks who want to broaden their horizon and are looking for more enriching information for their inner heart. To that extent, I have recently written a book ‘When Life Has Other Plans…Discover the hidden gifts’ as an inspirational memoir where I use my own experiences to uncover the rewards that weren’t obvious at the time of certain challenging events. You can read more about my adventures that span from Europe via Texas, Colorado, Mexico to Canada on my website . It gives you a good idea where my motivation to help others to gain greater self-awareness and empowerment comes from. The book is also available at Cole’s in the Driftwood Mall; the Blue Heron in Comox; Fireside in Parksville; Cozy Corner in Coombs; and Bolen’s, Ivy’s, and Munro’s in Victoria.

In my next contribution I would like to talk a bit about the benefits of watching where we spend our mental and emotional energy and the benefits we can achieve.

Dorothea L. Gordon