I hope this message finds you safe and enjoying the sunshine this summer. The Coalition has been reengaging with our members through the steering committee, working groups, expanding our partnerships, and proceeding with our local projects that support newcomer’s integration. Collaboration is key to establishing Welcoming Communities.

We continue to share amazing and eye-opening stories of immigrants/newcomers and their experiences about living through the pandemic on our Thriving Together Series. Click the link below to read the stories on our blog. Thriving Together Series

We have been having some Youth Engagements and discussions around respecting and celebrating Cultural Diversity in this community. Diversity and Inclusion have been our focus and the past few months have shown us that it is important that we create safe spaces for everyone to thrive.

The foregoing is why we are conducting the Needs Assessment. The Coalition is hoping to collect data from newcomers, other residents and service organizations to help us identify gaps in service delivery. The results will be used to guide how organizations collaborate to improve services in supporting international immigrants/newcomers as well as the community. Please share these survey links with your friends, family, church/faith groups or other networks.

If you are new to Canada (for 5 years and less), click here to fill the questionnaire

If you were born in Canada or have settled in Canada for more than 5 years, click here to fill the questionnaire

Please stay safe, and healthy. Thank you for your commitment in cultivating and fostering Welcoming Communities!

Toyin Kareem

Welcoming Communities Coalition Coordinator, Immigrant Welcome Centre Campbell River