Wild Craft Play is hosting a ‘one day game’ on July 25th (and another one day session on Aug 22). Wild Craft Play is an original real world role playing game created by facilitator and creative Jamie Black. Jamie recently led a workshop with the Forest Stories Camp and she’s a talented performer (stilter/storyteller) who I have wrecked with over the years at festivals.

If you’re looking for an epic immersive adventure for your kids, or the whole family, consider signing up. Message the organizers asap to hold a spot.

Come and Wild Craft Play for a day-long adventure workshop for youth ages 8 to 14, . Engage in real-life epic adventures and build resilience in nature through play! Imagine Capture the Flag with a whole new level of awesome. Let the story carry you into your own craft, scout imaginative territory, engage with other characters, follow clues and be guided on your quest…are you curious yet? If you don’t know what Wild Craft Play is, then prepare yourself! This game has been built on the shoulders of giants with a shift of context, keeping competition, finding collaboration. Seeking treasures of any kind is any child’s thrill, where “jail” is now a healing temple and strange and miraculous things happen. Want to find out more?

Visit https://wildcraftplay.com/programs/programs-for-youth/wild-craft-play-game/
Wild Craft Play 1 Day Game is sponsored in part by the Cumberland Community Forest Society www.cumberlandforest.com
Wild Craft Play Facilitator training program available please contact | jamie@wildcraftplay.com

If you know someone who needs a day camp adventure and might not have the $, please message me, we have a few full bursaries available.

Happy summertime!

Meaghan Cursons

Cumberland Community Forest Society