My Mind Map

My future, mapped out on paper,

Illusions and delusions put into words,

Only to be crossed out

And penciled in again,

Sorting out what is me,

What I should not be,

What I should be,

And what I can be,

Paring down daydreams and nightmares

Into drops of blood-based reality.

And I have come to realize

That I must never stifle my dreams;

I must stay true

To what is engrained in my soul,

                My purpose,

                My raison d’etre.

I must resist that desire from my tired mind,

That says I just need to relax on my front deck,

And watch the never ending procession of sunsets

Disappearing silently into the Salish Sea.

And as that quiet moment of silent solitude

Weaves its magic, bringing order to the chaos,

It becomes a blazing orb of light to my dark world.

The vital energy bursts within;

That ball of pure white energy

Reveals a new beginning

Emerging from the shadows of the past,

Urging me to reshuffle my scattered thoughts,

Set my course to pursue my hopes and dreams,

And stand tall and face my inner critic,

                Naked and unashamed.

Lawrence J.W. Cooper

Comox Valley Poet Laureate