In early 2014 the Clinical Pathologists (heads of the divisions and department) in Victoria, lobbied the Vancouver Island Health Authority and with VIHA’s approval, they obtained the Island wide contract in their newly formed corporation called VICPCC (Vancouver Island Clinical Pathology Consulting Corporation). We feel there is a significant conflict of interest in awarding this contract as some directors and members of the corporation also held laboratory leadership positions in VIHA. We believe VIHA’s denial of any conflict of interest in a letter written to us on September 16th, 2019 by Ms. Kathy MacNeil (President and CEO of Island Health) is in direct contradiction with the documents obtained through freedom of information.

This transfer of funding to VICPCC, a private for profit corporation, has resulted in less dollars preventing Campbell River from hiring more pathologists. This translates into significant delay of diagnosis which, in turn causes serious setbacks in timely treatment of many cancer patients, many of whom are seniors.

Our numerous communications of valid concern to VIHA, Ministry of Health, City Council, and MLA’s office through petition (signed by more than 2500 individuals), many letters and newspaper articles as well as a Town Hall meeting have all been largely ignored, falling on deaf ears.

Recently two of our well-respected Comox Valley Pathologists with over 50 combined years of service to the community resigned over differences with Island Health so changes are likely to happen within a short period of time resulting in no more clinical pathology interpretation being done on the North Island, including the Comox Valley Hospital.

Our citizens cannot tolerate this mismanagement of our Campbell River Hospital Laboratory.
We are requesting an independent investigation into VIHA’s awarding of the contract to VICPCC and its management of the day to day running of the lab in the Campbell River Hospital.

Lois Jarvis, Richard Hagensen and Joanne Banks

Citizens for Quality Health Care