The human mind has to believe in something, but we can choose what we believe, and that makes all the difference. The mind is made up of a complex system of neural bundles that connect processing centers to our prefrontal cortex which together make our mind states or beliefs. These mind states are made up of past images, memories, thoughts, and emotions. Whenever the mind is confronted with a new situation, it checks these mind states and acts according to these beliefs. Beliefs then influence our thoughts, and these thoughts produce our actions.

However, we have another resource which I refer to as the Higher Self that can serve as a check and balance on our mind. The Higher Self is a combination of heart and soul. The soul focuses on the greater good for our self and mankind in general, while the heart links the spiritual with the temporal through the power of love. It is through our belief in our Higher Self that we open up a vast pool of resources through which we can become beautiful and powerful beings.


Believing is,
more than just thinking
more than just wishing.

is more than hoping
something bad will not happen.

Believing is knowing
that something good is about to happen
because we make it happen
through believing.

To belief
is to understand that we have the power
to create, to expand, to grow a piece of us
Into something, someone, who can change the world.

(From my book The Enchanted Life available at my website

Lawrence J.W. Cooper

Poet Laureat, Comox Valley