Lawrence J. W. Cooper is the poet laureate of the Comox Valley. He works in conjunction with the Comox Valley Arts Council. Lawrence has two main interests: promoting poetry and developing what he calls Poetry with Purpose.

Before his retirement, he was an educational psychologist. He still teaches university entrance psychology courses on line which keeps him up to date on research and trends in psychology.

As poet laureate, his goal is to explore the connection between poetry and mental wellness. Before the COVID I9 pandemic, he had made plans with the Courtenay Library to start a series of sessions on the Healing Power of Poetry. He still has plans to start the program as soon as it is safe to do so. The idea was to use poetry to get in touch with inner feelings so that participants could face their mental issues and find inner healing.  

Lawrence is a published author. He has published two books of poetry. The first is called Bi – The Agony and the Ecstasy; it is about his journey of understanding and living with his bisexual orientation. The second is called The Room, which was his journey through borderline personality disorder and clinical depression. In both cases he journaled his journey through poetry. 

He is in the process of developing an intensive detailed program called the A Path to Self-Actualization on going beyond mental wellness. It contains a series of workbooks, inspirational webinars, and inspirational videos with step-by-step instructions on how to go beyond just mental wellness to living with power and purpose. These strategies were developed during his own process from mental illness to now living a conscious and powerful life. The two workbooks are now available through Amazon or through his website and will soon be available in local bookstores. The first is called The Grounding Virtues and the second The Centering Virtues. He is looking for ten people who are interested in trying out the program free of charge and giving feedback. 

He has just finished publishing a third book of poetry called Enchanted With Life. The book contains ten weeks of daily inspiration that is designed to go along with the Self-Actualization Program. It is also now available on Amazon and hopefully will show up in local bookstores within the next few weeks. 

Lawrence has agreed to give Tidechange a weekly Poetry with Purpose poem and inspiration from his book The Enchanted Life. For more information on these books and programs go to his website If you wish to take part in the Healing Power of Poetry or wish to participate in the trials for A Path to Self-Actualization you can contact Lawrence via

Pieter Vorster


I have written these poems with a purpose. I want to share my miraculous journey from Borderline Personality Disorder, Generalized Anxiety, and Clinical Depression, to now living a life that I truly love to live. 

I have read this book over and over again in the process of editing, and each time I read it, I gain greater clarity into what it means to live a powerful spiritual life. Spiritual living is not religion; in fact, it probably is the farthest thing from religion. Religion involves group dynamics focussing on a higher power, whereas spiritual living is a very personal journey into our own inner self, our heart and our soul.  

I have made the journey from having nothing left to live for to waking up each day in awe of just how magical this life really is. I indeed live an enchanted life. It is my hope that my love for life will flow from my heart into your heart through the enchantment of this collection of thoughts and poems. 


Enchanted with Life

My search continues, season by season, moment by moment,

Seeking solutions to questions that I can’t understand,

Scanning the horizons of my world for enchantment,

Magic that will surpass the limits of time and mind.


But the answers lie not in the mysticism of miracles,

Nor in the beauty that surrounds my world;

The answers lie within the minute particles

Of the substance of the energy of my inner soul.


Herein lies the essence of my being,

The sentient portion of my life’s higher purpose and goal.

Herein lies the mystery of peace and contentment,

The fragments of being and thought that make me whole.


Herein is my Higher Self, complete with just a piece of me.

Herein is my mystical self that longs for connection

With all which by chance is and all that will ever be.

Herein swims my essence in the magic of the enchanted sea.  

Lawrence JW Cooper

Comox Valley Poet Laureate

Lawrence J.W. Cooper, Comox Valley Poet Laureate