We are saddened to hear about Dermod Travis’s death. He was a regular contributor to Tide Change and had a wide influence on several Canadian advocacy groups. Many people have been affected by the company of Dermod. Because of his prolific writing, you could be included without having met him in person. He had submitted an article for May 27th. He was doing his life’s work to the end.

Mr. Travis served as the Executive Director of the Canada Tibet Committee from 2007 to 2011, and was the founder of PIRA Communications.

He was a member of Quebec’s Estates General on the Situation and the Future of the French Language and its Comité d’examen sur la langue d’enseignement.

He has given guest lectures at the Université de Montréal, Columbia University, Concordia University, Carleton University, and McGill University. His political commentaries have been published in the Montreal Gazette, Le Devoir, La Presse, the Ottawa Citizen, the Victoria Times Colonist, the Georgia Straight, the Tyee, and Tide Change.

As well his views have been sought by a variety of Canadian and international media, including Japan’s Asahi Shimbum, the Washington Times, the Christian Science Monitor, Al Jazeera, The Congressional Record, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, CTV, CBC, and Radio- Canada.

At Integrity BC, he was responsible for managing the office and the organization’s strategic direction.

“I first heard about Dermod Travis and Integritybc.ca when I sat down with a group of Comox Valley citizens who wanted to share information about environmental and social justice, and progressive actions, with a larger audience. Some hefty local representation at the table including Burns, Hilliar, Bradley, Gordon, Charlton, and Pederson. People I respect and whose actions I (sometimes) admire.

From those meetings were born the website that you are on now, still working to deliver hyperlocal news focused on non-profit activity, social justice and environmental stewardship. Dermod Travis was one of our long-time, regular contributors.

I fondly recall a scenario where Tidechange.ca was contacted by a legal representative of some Calgarian dirt bag whom we allegedly slandered in an article we had published; authored by Mr. Travis of course. There were threats of financial repercussions and such and honestly, the less experienced me went a bit pale at the mortifying idea of becoming tied up in legal struggles from this social enterprise that was generating less income than it took to produce. Distraught I phoned up Dermod, lamenting our lot and asking for any kind of advice he might have to offer.

When the good-natured laughter subsided, he pointed out that any public activity from said dirt bag would greatly harm his own cause and that we should see if we could get him to go ahead with the legal action, which Integrity would happily take on. Not someone easily shaken, our Mr. Travis.

While I did not know the man in person (more than a 30-minute phonecall and numerous emails allow), he was clearly eloquent and persistent in pursuing his beliefs and the truth, for the betterment of us all. It is sad news for Tidechange.ca and our readers to hear of his passing.”  Pieter Vorster

About a year ago, he wrote an article with the title IT’S A MATTER OF THE COMPANY YOU KEEP”. Those of us who have experienced the company of Dermod Travis are better for it.

Richard Davis

Editor, Tide Change