Month: June 2020

A New Global Culture for the Global Village

In this chronicle I’ll discuss my long interest in McLuhan and his ideas of the Global Village, the media and the economic consumer culture. I will then indicate how the Global Village can be revitalized to help us deal with the climate changing world that confronts us.

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Better than Netflix

What warms my heart on this cold/windy/rainy day is a Leo Tolstoy story What Men Live By that I recently revisited from that assortment of already read, but might want to revisit books I call a bookcase. It was Wednesday, my respite, reading, ukuleleing, resting day off at the “beachhouse”—a small waterfront cabin that a most generous friend allows me to use for my weekly day of regeneration.

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Comox Valley Poet Laureate – Poetry with Purpose

Lawrence J. W. Cooper is the poet laureate of the Comox Valley. He works in conjunction with the Comox Valley Arts Council. Lawrence has two main interests: promoting poetry and developing what he calls Poetry with Purpose. Before his retirement, he was an educational psychologist. He still teaches university entrance psychology courses on line which keeps him up to date on research and trends in psychology. As poet laureate, his goal is to explore the connection between poetry and mental wellness.

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