hough the Big Yellow Merville hall has been closed for the past couple of months due to the Carona virus restrictions, outside the hall things are rocketing along. 

In the large, fenced, Community Garden, industrious workers have created the first two 20 x 20 foot plots to be used for garden planting.  On Sunday, 7 excited amateur gardeners, under the able guidance of Xander the Green, dug in and filled the nutrient rich earth with hundreds of plants.  A rudimentary watering system was set up and the fencing was secured so that wild foragers will be held at bay.  This Victory Garden will be the talk of the hamlet when the produce starts rolling in.

Anyone is invited to participate in the ongoing plot building, plantings and harvesting.  Additional 20 x 20 foot plots will be created.  This is a community garden to be used by the community.  For more information please contact Craig at 250-339-4249.

Craig Freeman