As we begin the most pivotal month of this 2020 worldwide human transformation, we must ask ourselves one very important question.

What will we tell our children and grandchildren when they ask, “What did you do while they removed your rights, liberties and sovereignty as a human”?

This is the ultimate showdown represented by the inner and outer struggle of the human race. We are at the crossroads of all timelines in history, where we are given the incredible opportunity for a complete change of direction. From social distancing to standing shoulder to shoulder in our Truth, from anxious self induced fears to peaceful self empowerment, from confusion to clarity and everything in between.

There is no other time more filled with potential probabilities than Now. Every emotion, thought and action is a fractal creating our vision of our life. No more, no less. As we face this knowledge, older than time, we are asked to choose. Do not focus on the scripted message. Simply listen to your intuition, that gut instinct speaking from your human heart.

Dare to dream because nothing is impossible. It is also a numbers game with symbols triggering deeply imprinted cellular messages, as billions around the planet are imposed a “voluntary lock-down”.  We are supremely responsible for our actions and inaction. As the Governor of the state of New York said during his press conference (that statement has since been deleted from the official video, but is still circulating on uncensored internet platforms), “If 19 million people decide to step outside of their homes, there is nothing we can do about it”.

For those of us who still have homes, food on the table and some freedom of movement, we have a responsibility to those in other countries who are under Martial Law, curfews, drone surveillance and special “papers” for permission to exit their residences.

Enter this month with an open mind. Shake off the decades of social programming and observe your world with clear 2020 vision. The cards are being laid on the table for all of us to see. Nothing is hidden. Ask yourself one question.

Is this the world you want for the next seven generations?

Your answer will create your world and mine.

Catherine Hedrich