Ironically, more than four billion people needed to experience self-isolation, lock-down and Marshall Law for us to pause and ponder this very important question.

We needed the fear of a pandemic for us to find the answer as a global community.

We needed to be told that we could not hug, kiss, hold hands and to stand apart at all times.

We had to face ourselves in the mirror of the control being exercised on our children, on our parents, on our neighbors, on nature, because ultimately we are all connected.

We are doing this to ourselves.

The only difference this time is that it is everywhere and we cannot escape it, ignore it or be distracted from what this event is trying to teach us.

What we see outside of us in the Spring of 2020 is a full spectrum reflection of our collective inner world…and it offers a historical opportunity for healing on many timelines.

The statement, “Not in my backyard”, can no longer apply. Like a tsunami washing away all illusions of perceived safety and privilege, we are faced with the aftermath of what our collective agreements have sown on this planet after centuries of denial of freedoms to others.

When we dictate to others, so that we can benefit from their enslavement, be it sexual, economic or physical, we are enslaving ourselves.

There is an energetic cost to allowing the unchecked rape and pillage of this planet and people. War has always been a symptom of the true virus that has infected us for thousands of years.

Our safety is in numbers, not isolation. Our wellness is with self-care and self-love. Our healing happens when we free ourselves from fear itself, the upside down version of our true nature, which is Love.

When we are in fear, we are dis-empowered and creating our own imprisonment. 

True freedom can only happen when we are all free of fear.

Catehrine Hedrich

Former Editor,