Teachers and Huband Park staff will parade through residential areas of their students via vehicle
convoy to show their solidarity and support during the COVID-19 restrictions and while in-class
instruction is suspended.
Date: 16 April
Time: 5:45 p.m. onward
Location: Virginia Drive Cathay Court to commence. Dove Creek Rd loop and back to
Vanier Road to finish. (detailed route below).

Start at Virginia Drive at 5:45. Virginia Drive Cathay Court area;
Up Huband road to the Child’s Rd, Gibson’s Rd, Willis Way loop;
Up Huband Rd to the Venture Rd, Barbara Rd, Mitchell Rd loop;
Back to highway. Right on Grieves Rd, continue along Langlois and Clark to Hardy. Right on Hardy;
Right on Coleman, right on Bates;
Avonlee, Mariner, Kingfisher loop back to Coleman. Down Coleman to Left Road.
Left on Rennie and loop back to Coleman;
Across the Hwy 19 to Poulton, left on Merville, left on Headquarters, right on Piercy; and
Dove Creek Rd loop and back to Vanier Rd.

Mary Lee

Manager of Communications, Comox Valley Schools (School District 71)