The Government of British Columbia announced today that all K to 12
schools in British Columbia will immediately suspend in-class instruction indefinitely.
As a result, all Comox Valley Schools (School District 71) will be closed to all students until
further notice.
The new direction was delivered in a joint press statement by Premier John Horgan and the
Minister of Education Rob Fleming as necessary measures to decrease the spread of the
COVID-19 virus and to keep school communities and families across the province as safe as
possible while protecting vulnerable populations.
We recognize the significant impact this decision will have on students, families and staff. To
that end, we are working with our educational partners and stakeholder groups to address the
ramifications this will have on education and employment. As soon as procedures for the
alternative delivery of education are in place, the school district will share the information
through normal channels of communication as well as broadcast widely and in
detail on the website.
“Our priority is to continue to provide an educational program to all our students, delivered in a
safe and caring environment,” shared Tom Demeo, Superintendent of Schools. “Trust that the
school district leadership team, administrators and educators will work hard over the next week
to implement plans to ensure the continued success of our students for the remainder of the 2019-
2020 school year.”
Minister Fleming stated his ministry will work with education partners and stakeholders to
determine how to provide ongoing educational services to maintain a continuity of learning to
all British Columbian students.
-MorePlans on how Comox Valley Schools operationalizes the Ministry directive will be
communicated to our students, families and staff over the next week through our usual channels
of communication as well through regular updates on our District website.
We encourage all individuals to follow the direction given by the provincial government
pertaining to travel, self-isolation, hand hygiene, and social distancing, and to stay abreast of the
latest developments by following the District website.

Mary Lee

Manager of Communications, Comox Valley Schools (School District 71)