Month: February 2020

The Child-Mother

In many of these chronicles I’ve stressed the need for us to help young adults deal with climate change. Most of the time when we adults try to help young people we call upon our own personal experiences. But most of us don’t have experience dealing with climate change. We are trying to figure that out for ourselves. So is there any other experience we know about and can share with them? I think there is. I think we can get some insights from war zones.

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Andrew Collins Trio at the Merville Hall

The Friday concert will be a cd release party, showcasing the Trio’s latest double album, Tongue & Groove. Each cut is honed to perfection and represents a back-to-basics visitation on what the band does best — spontaneity of the stage and rapid-fire, improvisational exchanges. Collins loves to sing so Tongue & Groove, is a double set of 11 vocal songs (Tongue) and 11 instrumentals (Groove), and it’s the best of both worlds, marking a new stage in the life of the Andrew Collins Trio.

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