Comox Valley Schools have teamed up with the Comox Archives
and Museum to produce a resource of historical material for elementary teachers and students
across the District.

The kit is designed to lead students through inquiry-based learning about clothing and how it has
changed from locally, handmade items to those obtained from across the world.

This new resource is filled with local historic images and stories and provide ideas and materials
for hands-on textile activities. Students will card raw wool, learn to weave and recognize the
difference between organic materials and those made from synthetics.

Part of this work will include an examination of the clothing worn throughout history.
Indigenous perspectives will be contrasted by those of modern day. Students will be reading the
labels on their own clothing and finding out where it was made, locating places on maps,
determining how it might have arrived in this part of the world, and calculating distances

Through a variety of engaging activities and critical thinking, students will see the impact the
modern clothing industry has on our environment and be encouraged to make a difference.
The learning kit is one of many resources developed in partnership with the museum. The last
endeavour saw the completion of materials which invited students to explore the local history of
toys and games.

The Comox Archives and Museum will be showcasing this new resource at their upcoming open
house which will take place on Monday 17 February from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at 1729 Comox
Avenue. If you’d like to dabble with these materials from this new resource, mark your calendar
for this interactive event.

Mary Lee

Manager of Communications, Comox Valley Schools (School District 71)