Month: February 2020

International Women’s Day Festival returns to Comox Valley

International Women’s Day (IWD) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. Since the first event in 1911, millions of people around the world have been gathering to raise awareness and further women’s equality. The Comox Valley event is the brainchild of Letz Sing’s Tina Filippino who, in 2019, wanted to create a local event that would bring all people together for a day of solidarity where women could celebrate women. “I gathered some of the most talented women I know from the valley, and we got right to work!” says Filippino. “We each brought something unique to the show, and the response was so enthusiastic, we knew it was the start of something much bigger.”

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Change begins with optimism a key message at Valley’s first Youth Climate Conference

On February 13, Comox Valley became the hub for youth and environmental think tanks
passionate about solutions-based planning on the climate issues facing society today.
The conference, dubbed Empowerment for Impact, was born in response to the growing desire
among youth and educators in the District to offer more education opportunities on the subject of
climate and environmental protection.

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Reel Youth Festival Arrives March 7th In Cumberland

This year we have 7 films from the Comox Valley as part of the festival. The films come from youth
throughout the Valley and showcase a variety of ideas: should we start smoking, how safe is the Comox
Valley, the importance of kindness, what would happen if the internet had feelings, an animation of the
pied pipers story, the adventures of a courtesy umbrella, and the effects of mental illness on day to day

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Our Economic Culture

First, because the world is in the midst of climate change. This global phenomenon has already affected many countries and regions of Earth. It will continue to do so in different ways. We need to develop a culture specifically designed to deal with climate change, a culture we can share with other communities who are developing their own climate change cultures. To borrow a motto from the not too distant past, “Think globally, act locally.”

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