The holiday season can be especially challenging for those who have lost a loved one, or who are experiencing other hardships such as a broken relationship, loss of employment, or failing health. Situations like these can be a stark contrast to jingling bells, festive lights, and themes of togetherness so prevalent during the holiday season.

Blue Christmas & Celebrate a Life is an annual community gathering that offers a gentle time of
comfort, reflection, and a program of music and special readings. It is also an opportunity to
celebrate a life and to honour the memory of loved ones no longer with us. Co-hosted by Comox
Valley Hospice Society and Comox United Church this years’ service will be held on Saturday,
December 14th at 1pm at Comox United Church, located at 250 Beach Drive in Comox.

Grieving the death of a loved one is a life-changing experience that will be unique for each
person and each family member. This can make seasonal and family traditions difficult to
navigate. For some, feelings of loss may make the togetherness of holiday traditions even more
important. Others may feel numb and disengaged, preferring not to celebrate in the same ways
as they have in the past. Both experiences are a normal part of grieving. By coming together we
acknowledge that many of us have experienced these painful transitions, and that each of us is
learning how to live with loss in our own way.

Blue Christmas & Celebrate a Life is a non-denominational gathering that offers comfort and
support to help ease the loneliness and anxiety of the holiday season. Those wishing to honour
loved ones may hang a tag on the memorial tree and light a candle in remembrance. After the
service, you are welcome to stay behind for a quiet time of reflection, or join us for some
homemade food and beverages. For more information please contact the Comox Valley
Hospice Society at 250.339.5533

Terri Odeneal

Executive Director, Comox Valley Hospice Society