Randy Chatterjee of the Comox Valley Electric Vehicle Association (CVEVA) will host a discussion on everything to do with electric cars, from solar charging to range anxiety. Hal Hewett will present on biofuels, appropriate technology and localized energy. Randy and Hal will explain the merits and drawbacks of the various systems and be open for questions.

CVEVA co-founder Randy Chatterjee believes the advent of electric cars alone will enable Canada and the world to live up to the Paris Climate Accord and keep global warming under 1.5 degrees C. Moreover, eliminating the internal combustion engine would save 9 million lives annually, all now lost to the effects of particulate emissions in our air. Randy is an ecological economist and founder of a patent law firm.

Hal Hewett has worked in the construction, transport, bitumen, natural gas, silviculture and logging industries, and is a Heavy Duty Mechanic/Welder with extensive experience in biofuels and off-grid living. Hal believes there are many silver bullets, and the mature sustainable technologies available now are an important part of the solution.

The Cumberland Hotel is kindly bringing in kitchen staff for this event, so try to bring a little hunger to satisfy in this great location. Food service starts @ 6:00 p.m.

Driving To Paris & Beyond is the second event in our series of ‘Change Cafes’ which take place throughout the region. If you’d like to present a topic, host or suggest a venue, let us know:) And please share this post to your networks!

CLIMATE ACTION COMOX VALLEY formed to promote awareness and adoption of sustainable options while supporting and pressuring all levels of government and other institutions to act on the climate crisis.

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