When summer becomes fall, it is Telethon time at the CVCDA. We are busy preparing for our 44th annual event on the 3rd of November. This edition is filled with everything you need to know about this community extravaganza.

Of course, while we work on the Telethon we continue to do the day to day work of providing services to children, youth and their families. I think this fall has seen the greatest demand on our services we have experienced in many years. Typically, we expect a bit of a lull in demand in late summer and early fall, but this has not been the case this year. All of our service providers are full out, doing their best to balance the increasing demand, with their commitment to maintaining the highest quality of service. A difficult dance, but one done with skill and passion.

The Comox Valley has seen so much growth in the last couple of years. I suppose this increased need for service is in part due simply to the larger number of families that now call the Comox Valley home. The growth of our resources just hasn’t kept up with the growth in our community. As such, the Telethon and the generosity it inspires is more important than ever to our capacity; to our ability to keep up with our changing community. I hope to see many of you at the Sid on the Nov 3rd.  

Local businesses have donated 65 items for an on line auction that is already active. See who they are and bid until Nov 3rd.

And as always, thanks for your support.