‘NDP will prevent a Conservative government’

COURTENAY — At a town hall meeting in Courtenay on Sunday evening, long-time New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen called on voters to unite around the NDP to stop an Andrew Scheer-led Conservative government – and bring universal pharmacare, affordable housing and a strong climate action plan to Vancouver Island.

“We have powerful and effective MPs in Rachel Blaney and Gord Johns,” said Cullen. “They have proven they can stop Conservatives, and they have proven they get things done for coastal communities.”

Cullen was joined by NDP incumbents Blaney and Johns for the first day of his Island-wide Building a Healthier Future Tour.

“Taking care of people and fighting climate change go hand in hand,” said Cullen. “Instead of spending billions on tax giveaways for the wealthiest or giving huge subsidies to fossil fuel corporations, we need to invest in clean renewable energy and the services people need.”

Cullen said the Liberals failed Vancouver Islanders when they purchased the Trans Mountain pipeline with billions of public dollars.

“We know Conservatives would make things even worse, and people are surprised and disappointed to learn the Green Party have said they’re open to putting the Conservatives in power.

North Island–Powell River Green Party candidate Mark de Bruijin even praised the Conservative Party, noting the similarities between Greens and Conservatives: “They are fiscally conservative, as are Greens. We have a lot in common with Conservatives at their ideological core.”

“The NDP is the only party that is fully committed to preventing an Andrew Scheer Conservative government, and to bringing in the things we need,” said Cullen. “This is our chance to build a healthier future. We need Rachel Blaney and Gord Johns to defend the coast and make sure we put people and the planet ahead of rich corporate insiders.”

Mike McKinnon

New Democratic Party