The Comox Valley Art Gallery has a new thematic program and related events to share with the community.

Uncover includes artist residencies for creative research and development of new work, an exhibition, and community engagement activities.

The exhibition’s Art Opening day is planned for Saturday, September 28. CVAG welcomes everyone to this public/all ages day of events, that includes two artist facilitated community make projects 11am – 1pm, artist performances 11am – 1pm and 3pm – 5pm, and shared artist talk at 1pm with a reception following.

Uncover will run from September 28 – November 23 2019 and presents the work of six contemporary artists who explore the implications of revealing and concealing.

Anna Gustafson (Salt Spring Island) uses digital presentation and stitched works as a way of exposing the depletion of earth’s resources through the consumptive economics of contemporary cultures.

Clea Minaker (Montreal and the Comox Valley) has been the CVAG Artist in Residence in August and September 2019. During her residency, Minaker conducted creative research and developed an artist performance and immersive installation that “uncovers synergistic relationships between material, gesture and image.”

Heather Passmore’s (Gibsons) multimedia body of work inverts the practice of concealment as a way of exposing societal discomfort with the act of breastfeeding.

Nadine Bariteau (formerly Montreal and recently Gabriola Island) sheds light on the basic human need for shelter in her installation of found materials and intaglio printmaking, developed during her Project Room Independent Studio Practice at CVAG.

Visual artist Elizabeth Russell and poet Natalie Nickerson (both from the Comox Valley) have collaborated to create an assemblage of abstract paintings, text and mixed media. Through an additive and subtractive process, they have examined the entomology of the word apocalypse as the “the truth revealed.”

More information about the Art Opening day of activities plus CVAG’s current and future programming is available at

Denise Lawson

Comox Valley Art Gallery