The Strathcona Wilderness Institute (SWI) is pleased to announce that it will be releasing the first issues
of a new illustrated guidebook to the mosses and liverworts of Strathcona Park at its first Bryology
Workshop, Saturday September 28. The book is the work of the Dan Tucker (University of Alberta) and
Dr. Randal Mindell (SWI director), who carried out an intensive survey of the park’s bryophytes this
summer. The book includes a list of about 140 mosses, 50 of which are new to the island, and 5 are rare
and endangered.

Should we care about mosses? Many people think that they are small and insignificant. In point of fact
they are an essential component of our hydrology. Mosses not only stabilize land surfaces by breaking
rain and erosion impacts. They also form the basis of early organic soils and are responsible for the
capture of nitrogen and essential minerals. Most importantly, they hold back about 20% of the rain that
the Pacific Coast receives and help control water flows. These are really, some of the most important
organisms that shape our landscapes and flora – yet most people know very little about them. This is an
opportunity to become acquainted with the little fellows!

Strathcona Wilderness Institute is hosting a one-day bryology workshop on Saturday September 28 at
the Strathcona Park Wilderness Centre located at the Paradise Meadows trailhead in Strathcona Park .
The SPWC is adjacent to the Raven Lodge on Mt. Washington, home of the largest Vancouver Island
marmot population. For interested participants, the workshop is complemented with an optional one-
day hike into the spectacular old –growth Divers Lake area on Sunday September 29 (8am to 6pm).

The workshop consists of basic and advanced presentations on bryophyte ecology, identification and
photography by some of Vancouver Island’s best-known bryologists, followed by a short field trip in
Paradise Meadows on the 28 th and an optional long field trip to Divers Lake on the 29th. Cost of of the
workshop is (Adults) $30, (Students) $20.

Registration can be done on the SWI website:

Inquiries: Dr. Loys Maingon


The Strathcona Wilderness Institute