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Richard Davis new Editor of Tide Change

This community has been around since before there were blogs and social media platforms. Some of you will remember when the internet was just some nerds on a bulletin board system. The topics were usually about getting our computer to work or the latest gaming software. I was one of those nerds. Some people had more vision than that and put it to use for connecting people who were interested in social change and community building. Tide Change was born from that.

Today there are regular contributors who write articles about the things that matter to them. We post news releases that range from politicians activities to community events. You can submit an article that informs or makes us think about local matters. There is a very full community calendar where you can find something going on almost every day.

I am Richard Davis, I find myself the next caretaker of Tide Change. I was looking for ways to get involved with the Comox Valley community and I met Pieter Vorster. If you have met him, you know that he can get you involved. He is here to mentor me, facilitate the technical operation of the site and ensure it stays on track.

“Be Excellent to each other.”

Richard Davis

Editor, Tidechange

Does an ever-growing economy sink all ships?

Does an ever-growing economy sink all ships?

This week’s “Conversation” is heavy. It needs—NEEDS! an introduction.

An introduction to the discussion of This Civilization IS FINISHED: Conversations on the end of Empire—and what lies beyond by Rupert Read and Samuel Alexander
You can read the whole argument at:

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  1. gra gor

    Hello Richard. Welcome to TideChange.

    Yes Pieter is quite a force. 😉



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