All year I work with dedicated volunteers, who bravely take on tasks which initially may have been uncomfortable for them. I have watched people transform when speaking to their city councils for the first time, people holding their ground in a meeting with MLAs about climate change, and heard so many moving stories delivered to MPs about the Trans Mountain tanker and pipeline expansion project. We work hard all year to engage with elected officials and support the community members who are leading on issues of concern to the Salish Sea.

Are you registered to vote?

A federal election is now upon us. We each get to cast our vote and help decide who sits on the other side of the table from these dedicated volunteers. The issues at stake are more urgent than they’ve ever been. It’s no secret that our coast is struggling, and needs action on a host of issues. From the survival of the Southern Resident orca, to our prospects for meaningful climate action, to the fate of iconic salmon runs, this election will help determine the direction our region goes in for generations to come.

It’s vital that you take part. History is made by those who show up, so we need you to be there. Register to vote. Make sure your friends, colleagues, and neighbours are also registered. Ask your candidates what they will do for our coast. Cast your ballot, whether in advanced voting (October 11-14), by mail, or on election day, October 21st.

Thanks for being a part of building a healthy future for our region.


Anna Barford

Community Organizer , Georgia Strait Alliance