If you are interested in developing your capacity to connect with Nature, counsellor and nature-based therapist Sharon McCann will facilitate two outdoor group experiences in September to awaken your natural senses. The benefits include relaxation, renewal, and discovering yourself as part of Nature as one, unified being.

Research continues to point to the benefits of connecting with Nature. A University of California, Berkeley study published in the journal Emotion suggests that the feeling of awe we may experience during encounters with nature, art and spirituality has an anti-inflammatory effect, protecting the body from chronic disease. Nature connection is simply good for our physical and mental health.

The two September events are intended for anyone aged 19+ who has the physical ability to walk unassisted on outdoor, unpaved trails on uneven ground. The cost to attend each session is $15. The evens are:

Session 2 “Discover Your Natural Self,” September 15, Sunday, 10 am for 2 hours.

Session 3, “Meet Your Tree,” September 22, Sunday, 10 am for 2 hours.

The sessions will empower you to discover how to:

  • Gain permission to enter a natural area
  • Respect and listen to Nature
  • Discover Nature as a guide
  • How to connect and communicate with a tree (Sept. 22)

If you would like to attend, please email hypno.mccann@gmail.com to register. Sharon will send you further details about the location and what to bring. More info: www.hypnomccann.com



Sharon McCann