Image: The Human Element documentary.


World Community is hosting a series of four special events on the theme ‘Addressing the Climate Crisis: Activism, Adaptation & Resilience’. The series of films, panel discussions, and presentations will highlight some of the positive actions taking place in our community.

The goal is to provide inspiration for individuals, organizations, candidates and elected officials to take meaningful actions to mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis and to create a more resilient community.

The series opens with the new documentary, The Human Element (80 min.), on Tuesday, Sept. 10 at 7pm in the Upper Native Sons’ Hall. In this compelling and visually stunning documentary, National Geographic environmental photographer James Balog (featured in Chasing Ice) captures the lives of everyday North Americans on the front lines of climate change.

Ancient Greeks considered the elements of earth, air, fire and water to explain the nature and complexity of all matter.  But there is another element to consider, the human element.

“We’re a force of nature too. People are changing the elements, and the elements are changing us,” Balog says in the film. “Today, truth and evidence matter more than ever. The visual evidence shows that people are changing the other elements fast. …It’s up to us to make the right choices.”

The film will be followed by speakers who will offer some positive responses to address the climate crisis. To view the film trailer, see

Admission is by donation. Everyone is welcome.

Mark your calendars for the following Tuesdays for subsequent events in the series:

Sept. 17 – Panel discussion – Climate Communications – ‘Let’s Talk about the Climate Crisis’

Sept. 24 – The Climate Crisis: Place-based Adaptation and Resilience

Oct. 1 – Sharing Options for Personal and Community Action


For more information: John (250-650-8694) or Bridget (250 871-1424)


Ed Carswell

World Community