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Fruit Tree and Farm Gleaning Update

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Photos: (Top) Our first farm glean of the season at Cameron Family Farm in late June. Twenty-five volunteers harvested 330 pounds of garlic scapes in two hours. The photo above this one is of a plum harvest in July. (Bottom) Fruit Tree & Farm Gleaning Program summer student, Josh Wells.


Our Fruit Tree and Farm Gleaning programs are going strong! After a successful pilot in 2018, the Farm Gleaning season has seen a 350% growth so far in 2019, in terms of the volume of produce that has been redistributed throughout our community.

Comox Valley Family Services is one recipient of produce. Here’s what they had to say: “We hear so much positive feedback from the Healthy Families participants who receive food from the Farm Gleaning Program. The parents appreciate being able to add a variety of local, fresh fruit and vegetables to their families’ diets without having to make difficult budgeting decisions. We see families sharing recipes and knowledge about preserving different foods as they come into season.”

The program aims to help farmers as well. Jay Williamson of Tendergreens Farm said, “I am so grateful for the huge crew of LUSH volunteers who came out to my farm this morning and did a ton of weeding with me. Sixteen people showed up and we had to finish early because I ran out of things to weed. What an incredible mid-summer gift, thank you!”

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Farewell and thank you to our Fruit Tree & Farm Gleaning Program summer student, Josh Wells.

Josh has been a great support to us and we wish him well as he returns to Concordia University in Montreal to continue his studies in Human Geology and Linguistics.

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Does an ever-growing economy sink all ships?

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