Annual Garlic Festival Merville

Eighth Annual Garlic Fest

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Time to hold your nose and prance on down to the Big Yellow Merville hall for the Eighth Annual Garlic Fest on Sunday, August 18th .  The garlic sellers will have their wagons overflowing with raw garlic, garlic jams & jellies, and there will be other seasonal produce to choose from as well. 

The Comox Valley is the Land of Plenty and garlic is a mainstay crop here.  Growers rally around the festival each year to be celebrated and to sell their saponaceous crop.  Every year, there are dozens of different varieties of garlic offered by farmers, from pleasantly mild, to spicy hot. 

The hall kitchen will sell garlic infused treats that will surprise you and while nibbling you can listen to talented local musicians and stroll amid a variety of artisans with items for sale.  Inside and outside the big hall, relax with a cool libation, breathe in the delightful aroma of garlic and indulge in a culinary offering of your choice.

There is no charge to attend Garlic Fest so come on down and enjoy yourself. At the same time, you can appreciate the upgrades made to the buildings and grounds.

The road in to the site is now One Way with the start at the north side of the site and exit to the south.  Parking is throughout the big, grassy field so get off the highway and relax.

So, folks, the Garlic Fest starts at 12:00 noon, Sunday, August 18th, and the festival runs to 4:00 pm but we recommend you come early as the garlic sells out quickly.  And a special notice for the Early Birds, you will have to wait for the Starting Bell!  No sales are allowed before 12:00 pm.  For vendors, the charge is $20/table or 5% of sales, whichever is greater, and you can sign up on Sunday.  Vendors can arrive at 11:00 am to get set up.

For more information: Craig 250-339-4249 and

Craig Freeman

Eighth Annual Garlic Fest

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