World Indigenous Peoples Day and the Comox Lake Watershed

Aug 9, 2019 | Letters to Editor, News | 0 comments

As we review the state of our own watershed in the Comox Valley, let us listen to the world’s indigenous peoples who have the knowledge we, as “Younger Brother”, are so disconnected from. In honour of the 2019 World Indigenous Peoples Day, I ask that you watch the documentary, Aluna.

We need to “see” our water through their eyes.


Hidden high on Colombia’s tallest mountain, the Kogi civilisation survives, guarding the world, as they believe is their purpose. From infancy, their leaders are trained in darkness to connect with ‘aluna,’ cosmic consciousness and they learn to perceive ‘black lines’ that connect special sites essential to life.

In 1990, concerned for the welfare of Earth, they joined forces with Alan Ereira to film their demonstration of these connections, using 400km of gold thread. But as their journey unfolds they face challenges of confusion and skepticism and realise if they are going to help the film-maker and the to world understand their crucial message, they must change tack… Join them and Alan as they embark on a monumental mission, uniting with leading scientists to share their cutting-edge knowledge.

A film by Alan Ereira that you can watch free at

Now, after viewing the film Aluna, read the August 5th article on DecafNation entitled Take a hike, see devastation in the Comox Lake watershed by Pat Carl.

We still have much to learn before we dismiss the messages from World Indigenous Peoples.

Our very survival depends on it.


Catherine Hedrich

Editor in Chief,

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Does an ever-growing economy sink all ships?

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