I just finished reading Michael Chrichton’s 1999 book, Timeline. His thoughts regarding how we imagine history and his book’s story-line about using quantum mechanics to visit other timelines and dimensions made me reflect on other ways we may already be experiencing multidimensional or multiverse travel.

I may be ahead of myself with the title of this post, but I am sure that the term “Multidimensional Travel” will soon become part of our common modern language. For me the combination of these two words makes reference to the current and lively discussion taking place globally about individual experiences that defy our limited understanding of the Universe.

Imagine that when you arrive at the airport, you could choose a destination in this reality or you could travel beyond this three dimensional world. Think of it as observing your hand through the vision of your eyes and then place the same hand under a microscope and you will observe a completely different image.

We describe these events as out of body, near death experiences or of Oneness to name only a few examples. I like to think of them as part of our evolutionary DNA pattern. Historically, these events happened to a token sampling of humanity, but now it appears that we are approaching that 11% tipping point, with millions of people around the world sharing their multidimensional travel stories on the World Wide Web.

Like all new exploration, we question the content and the validity of this new territory via various scientific modes of inquiry, long winded intellectual analysis and creative artistic expression.

In this case, I believe less is more. I find that the enjoyment of the journey, so to speak, is greatly enhanced when we do not reduce it to individual components. You can spend your time taking snap shots of the scenery or you can infuse yourself into the present moment.

I have nothing against doing some research to better understand a paranormal or multidimensional travel event, but I recommend trust, acceptance and gratitude as the go to states of mind after one experiences such an occurrence. It is all a part of the grand scheme of things, so there is nothing to worry about or fear.


Catherine Hedrich

Editor in Chief, Tidechange.ca