” Knowledge is experience. Anything else is just information”.
– Albert Einstein


Ever wonder why a second glass of wine among friends can trigger a flood of unplanned conversation about ones memories, which then lead to the resurfacing of unreleased emotions that culminate in a selective life review during a fitful night of limited slumber?

Most of us navigate our days among stretches of busyness interspersed with unwanted moments of critical self-reflection. When you open an internal window to revisit a pleasant past event, the brain does not edit out all other memories from that same time period. This leads to the re-living of the complete range of emotions connected to a perceived reality via a filtered timeline.

Why do we consciously and unconsciously travel down memory lane?

If our purpose is to evolve as spiritual beings while in human form, then the dis-ease caused by our emotions, current and past, could be the process by which we manifest our growth. Sometimes a strong emotion is caused by a trigger, like the smell of a perfume or a song playing on the radio. Our first instinct is to determine how the memory sits with us. Does the thought make us feel comfortable or uncomfortable? All thoughts fit into two categories, loved based or fear based, thus creating our experience of contrast in this realm.

Quantum physics points to the actual lack of physicality of our perceived reality until we “think” it or observe it. Therefore to change our current state of being, we must first look in the mirror and find the pieces of our pattern of thoughts. What you are putting out emotionally, you will get back energetically. How you are feeling about yourself is determining your physical body, much more so than what you eat and whether you exercise.

Our life is an expression of what we think.

All illness starts in the emotional field and all healing occurs in the perfect alignment of our vibration, which is our natural state.


Catherine Hedrich

Editor in Chief, Tidechange.ca