“It is my personal opinion that, in the science of the 
future, reality will neither be ‘psychic’ nor ‘physical’ but somehow 
both and somehow neither.”
Wolfgang Pauli, Quantum Pioneer


“The earth is flat”. Today such a statement would create laughter. Hundreds of years ago, saying otherwise, with an additional phrase stipulating that it was also not the center of the universe, could get you imprisoned or worse. Throughout human history there are so many such examples that one would think we would have learned, as a species, to keep an open mind.

Yet, just like teenagers who vow to be different from their parents before them, we cling to our new “truths” in the same dogmatic manner as our predecessors.  It is interesting how we love to “hold on tight” to the next cardinal rule. We are so fear-based in our thinking that we fail to see the freedom in letting go of this constant need for tradition, stability or the box framework that give us the illusion of “control” within the material realm.

We are so disconnected from our magnificence, we create our own prison in our minds and then manifest it outwardly from limited thinking. Both Jeff Olsen and Anita Moorjani came back from their respective NDE experiences with “Choose Joy” and “Have Fun” as messages to guide us in our human journey. Maybe we should just “lighten up” and relax about the whole thing.

Life is a buffet. Why limit yourself ?

Explore, be fascinated and in awe of all the contrasts and possibilities we co-create with each moment. 

Is it normal or paranormal? Who cares, since change is the only constant in any human experience.

So, enjoy your life, have fun with it and choose love over fear.

Catherine Hedrich

Editor in Chief, Tidechange.ca