On July 1st, 2019 the Village of Cumberland implemented the “Single-Use Item Regulation Bylaw”. The purpose for the Bylaw is to regulate the provision of single use plastics by local businesses in order to reduce plastic litter and waste.

The Bylaw provides a phased approach to removing the use of single use plastics in the community, and during this first initiative, Cumberland businesses are no longer able to provide customers with single-use plastic checkout bags or plastic drinking straws.

“I’m very proud of the community support behind this initiative” noted Mayor Leslie Baird, “particularly in the leadership of our business community in promoting our efforts to reduce the community’s reliance on single use plastics.”

There will be a minimum of six months between implementation of the bylaw and enforcement of the provisions within (starting January 2020 if need). The purpose of the delayed enforcement is to provide businesses with a grace period to move into compliance, to support a period of public awareness/education as well as allowing businesses the time to exhaust existing inventory and find suitable alternatives.

Allowing time for the community to adjust to the current initiative, the Village’s plan is to further engage the local business community to identify and incorporate other single use plastics within the existing Single-Use Item Regulation Bylaw.

For more information regarding the Bylaw please visit https://cumberland.ca/plastics/

Ashley Hawker

Legislative Services Assistant, The Village of Cumberland