From year to year BC Parks showcases public access to some of this provinces most treasured  parks and conservation areas. As it has in past years, Strathcona Wilderness Institute will be hosting BC Parks Accessibility Day on August 4th , 2019 from 10 am  to 4 pm at Paradise Meadows.

National and Provincial parks are indeed one of mankind’s best ideas. BC’s provincial Parks are some of the world’s most remarkable conservation areas that have been set aside as public heritage for the enjoyment of all British Columbians. As noted last year by Green MLA, Andrew Weaver, there is a need to meet a growing demand  for  access to BC Parks.  It is therefore fitting that in the wake of the BC Day week-end, a special day be set aside for the public to come discover and celebrate this special gift of which every British Columbian is an owner.

The Paradise Meadows trailhead at Mt. Washington  is special because it is one of the few areas in BC at which the public has access to higher elevation (1100 m) subalpine meadows.  Furthermore, thanks to the special gift of the  2km “Centennial Boardwalk” the meadows are accessible to people with mobility challenges and special abilities on a level surface. The Strathcona Wilderness Institute provides 3 wheelchairs  throughout  the summer for visitors needing them, free of charge. 

Strathcona Wilderness Institute will be hosting a day of naturalist walks around the board walk and lectures for all participating visitors. Additionally, the institute is drawing together the 3 (or more) “trail-riders” available on Vancouver Island, in order to organize a hike to Battleship Lake (3 km one way) where participants can enjoy views of the lake from the fishing dock. The day-use area also has picnic tables and a Trail Rider accessible toilet. While not planned as part of this event, if your Trail Rider group would like to do a more challenging 11 km loop, the Battleship Lake/Helen Mackenzie Lake circuit could be done, or left for a return visit. There will be refreshments at the Wilderness Centre. 

Volunteers are needed to Sherpa the Trail Rider, and make this day a success for participating visitors with ability problems.  Each Trail Rider needs 3 able-bodied volunteers to wheel the participant. If you are interested in helping us celebrate Strathcona Park, please contact us at:

Strathcona Wilderness Institute is an educational charitable society which provides visitor support for Strathcona Park , and supports citizen science and independent conservation  research programs.


Loys Maingon

Director, Strathcona Wilderness Institute