Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ (QHHT®) is a beautiful method developed by Dolores Cannon over several decades of practice in hypnosis with thousands of clients. This technique will very quickly allow people to access that part of themselves that has all of the answers and receive instantaneous healing if it’s appropriate.

Many people call this part the Higher Self, the Over Soul, the Super Conscious; Dolores didn’t know what to call it, so she called it the Sub Conscious – we have now started using the shortened term the SC. Clients are able to see for themselves and have a much clearer understanding of why situations and circumstances are the way they are and then create change as appropriate.

“Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) Level 1, Intern Practitioner Offering Sessions.

10 session dates available – free.

For information or to book a session contact Jennifer at qhhtwithjennifer@telus.net

Jennifer Moore

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