Photo Credit: Image by Anthony Norris


The Friends of Boomer’s Legacy, Vancouver Island would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to all of our cyclists, sponsors, volunteers, and donors. Without any one of them this event would not have been possible.

On June 8th and 9th a group of 42 registered cyclists, 7 motorcycle riders from the Canadian Veteran Brotherhood, and a variety of support volunteers, set out to redefine an event that had a successful decade behind it. The 2019 British Columbia Boomer’s Legacy bike ride was filled with camaraderie, emotions, laughter, and tears as we collectively remembered and individually rode with cards of fallen military members. Those who participated will concur that lifelong memories were made during this first ride in the new format.

The primary reason for the altered route boils down to traffic south of Nanaimo having increasedto a point where safety is too big a concern. Change had to happen and Col (ret’d) Jim Benninger came up with the idea that if we rode to Nanaimo and back, essentially the same distance as to Victoria, it would be a safer and easier ride. This more accessible format opens the event up to participants of all levels of ability and experience.

The 2019 ride ended on a high note as the riders were welcomed back on Sunday afternoon to 888 Wing at CFB Comox after an incident-free, highly-enjoyable ride by supporters, friends, and family. It is hard to imagine anyone in the room not feeling the impact of the ceremony that concludes the ride, or being impressed by the feast served.

Funds this year will help Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs pair more service animals with veterans in need, a cause that fits in perfectly with the mandate of helping our troops help others at home and abroad. The money raised can also go to the next project that our Troops wish to volunteer with, like the funds and volunteer efforts given to Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island North, or the various humanitarian efforts our Navy ships and crews have contributed to (including helping orphanages and schools in Haiti and Vietnam. You can find out more about the projects that directly benefited from Boomer’s Legacy funds at –

The organisers would like to acknowledge the following sponsors:

● Canex
● CFB Comox
● CFB Esquimalt
● Comox Cycling Company
● Comox Valley Record
● 97.3 The Eagle
● First Insurance
● Mount Washington
● Strathcona-Sunrise Rotary
● Thrifty Foods: Courtenay Crown Isle, Parksville, Nanaimo Port Place
● WestJet
● Mt Washington
● Tim Horton’s
● Rocky Mountain Chocolates
● Comox Legion
● Courtenay Legion
● Bowser Legion & Ladies Auxiliary
● RCL Branch #10 Nanaimo
● Gladstone Brewery
● Water Pure and Simple
● Sure Copy
● Costco
● 888 Wing

Another significant update is that this year those wishing to do so may continue to donate, either via specific riders or towards the cause in general. To do so, or learn more, visit


Pieter Vorster

Online Coordinator, Boomer's Legacy