Comox Valley Schools has partnered with the Comox Valley Community Foundation to establish a new education enrichment fund to support pedagogy and learning for students and educators.

The establishment of an endowment fund was announced at the 23 April monthly Board Meeting and received a unanimous recommendation from the trustees to proceed with developing a strategy for receiving donations and approving grants to eligible school district applicants.

The Comox Valley Community Foundation operates community legacy gifts in the form of Agency Funds as a way for an organization to create a stable source of permanent income generated by endowments. By choosing to operate through the Foundation, Comox Valley Schools can benefit from its expertise and resources to efficiently manage the fund.

“The Comox Valley Community Foundation has now established itself as a well-respected leader in the realm of supporting a range of community needs,” stated Trustee Sheila McDonnell. “This is a good fit for us. Comox Valley Schools has collaborated with the Foundation on many initiatives and been a recipient of community funds in the form of grants in the past.”

The benefits of establishing an education enrichment fund allow donors, charitable societies and bequests endowments to go directly toward supporting public education. Examples of how some of the funds may be awarded include teacher professional development, educational programs for students, innovative approaches to learning, or to meet specific needs in specialty learning.

Trustees also approved a one-time start-up investment of $10,000, which will remain throughout the lifetime of the fund. Start-up funding will come from the current school year operating budget and have no impact on the Board of Education’s reserve funds.

“The education enrichment fund is all about legacy building,” stated Janice Caton, Board Chair. “Investing in student pedagogy including teacher learning is an investment in our children’s future.”

Over the next several months, trustees will develop a granting policy and create guidelines for spending.


Mary H. Lee

Communications & Community Engagement Manager, Comox Valley Schools District