The next CCFS Science Pub is coming up this Friday May 10th at the Cumberland Masonic Hall and the subject at hand is Wetlands, Beavers, and Colonialism! Presented as part of the Cumberland Wetlands Conference, this Friday’s pub is gearing up to be informative, irreverent and possibly even outrageous!
How did the wetlands around Cumberland form? Where does all the water come from? How do beavers shape and influence the landscape? How did beavers impact, and respond to, the colonization of BC? Why do some people love them and some people hate them?  Why do they smell so bad? Why do Patagonians hold a grudge? How do we organize more wetland sing-alongs?
Presented by the Cumberland Community Forest Society, CCFS Science Pubs are all about knowledge sharing, discovery, disciplinary cross-over, culture and fun! Add to that on-theme beverages, touch and smell samples, poetry, live screen printing and great music and you have night that will expand your brain, and your heart! These pubs are all about celebrating knowledge holders in our community, getting passionate about the incredible natural world around us, and making connections between science, nature, art, and community!
Presenters for this Friday’s pub include:
Leah Ballin: R.P.Bio., R.P.F., Wildlife Biologist and Cumberland resident; 
Roger Albert: Professor Emeritus, Sociology, North Island College, Cumberland resident; 
Lars Reese-Hansen: MSc. Sr. Watershed/Ecosystems Planning Biologist, Habitat Management Section, Ministry of FLNRO; 
Lyndsay Fraser: Public educator and communications professional, co author of 100 Nature Hot Spots in British Columbia. Check out her Instagram account @f_ckinganimalkingdom to get a taste of how her mind works.
Doors open at 6:45 pm and presentations will start shortly after 7 and the edutainment runs till 10 pm!  A full house is expected so don’t be late! Attendees are advised that this event is intended for a mature audience. Admission is $10 to the CCFS. 
CCFS Science Pubs are generously sponsored by Cumberland Brewing Company, Wayward Distillery, Blue Moon Winery and Ciderworx, Harmonic Arts and Cumberland Village Works.
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Meaghan Cursons

Cumberland Community Forest Society