Photo by Sam Patterson: CVAG Board chair, Jasmin Badrin Stephen King presents artist, Robert Moon with the Nonny Milne 2018 Award. 


Each year an artist in the Comox Valley is awarded the Nonny Milne Award for their contribution to the arts. This year the award was given to Robert Moon, who lives in the Comox Valley, and is known internationally for his work. He recently participated in the exhibition Approaching Painting at CVAG. Images of his work can be seen by visiting the CVAG website pages that feature his installed work: PROBLEM SOLVING + ART CHATApproaching Painting 

“I had a strong feeling for art at a very early age as most of us do, but my life as an artist truly began when I passed through the Spanish portico of the San Francisco Art Institute in the fall of 1964. I was a country bumpkin just discharged from the army without a clue about the art world. I thought the flower children and the hippy artists were just the normal characters you find in every art school, it took many years before I realized I had walked in to a cultural revolution and by then it was nearly over. Brief as it was, it was starting to wind down by 1970 when I graduated with an MFA in painting and printmaking, it had an incredible affect on my life as an artist. It is only looking back that I realize just how formative those years were and how much of what I learned has stayed with me and gave me the confidence to be an artist.” – Robert Moon


Comox Valley Art Gallery