On Tuesday, the Liberal government and Conservative MPs joined together to defeat a motion that called to undo the government’s $12m gift to Loblaws. The motion called out the overwhelming influence of corporations and lobbyists over the Government of Canada specifically sighting the following examples:

• encouraging the PMO to undermine the independence of the Public

• blocking the establishment of a universal drug plan

• providing huge subsidies to large oil and gas companies

• giving $12 million to buy refrigerators for Loblaws

• allowing big banks to revise a report intended to shed light on banking practices

• leaving in place tax loopholes that allow the richest Canadians to avoid paying their fair share of taxes

North Island-Powell River MP Rachel Blaney was disappointed but not surprised: “we knew it was unlikely that this motion would pass, but to see every single member of the Conservative and Liberal caucuses vote to continue to put companies like Loblaws and SNC-Lavalin ahead of everyday Canadians says a lot about who our governments, past and present, are really working for.”

“For so long rich corporations have had someone on their side — and Canadians have been paying the price. Rich corporations and the wealthiest are paying less and less because of bad choices made by successive Liberal and Conservative governments,” said NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh.

“Everyday families have been paying more and more, while Liberal and Conservative governments tell us we can’t afford policies that would deliver a pharmacare program, defend our pensions, build better childcare options and create a sustainable economy. It’s not that Canadians don’t have the means to build a better future, but that Liberals and Conservatives don’t have the courage or the desire to stand up to big corporate interests,” added Daniel Blaikie, the NDP MP from Manitoba who put forward the motion. “Instead of spending millions of dollars to help a rich company buy fridges, we should recover that money and invest it to make the life of Canadians more affordable.”


Lucas Schuller

Constituency Assistant | Adjoint de Circonscription, Rachel Blaney, MP | Députée – North Island-Powell River