Month: April 2019

Carolyn’s and Steve’s Story

Carolyn Touhey comes across as a woman of passion, strength, and graciousness. She is fully aware of her fortuitous life and exudes deep gratitude for all the big and little things that make her life so abundant: her family, her home, the richness of her environment, the fascinating guests she meets in her Two Eagles B&B, which she and her husband built in 2007.

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The Culture War

Every evening when I finish working on these chronicles I have a glass of wine and turn on the news, mostly the American news. It gives me a picture of a battle between two cultures: the Perfect World Culture and the emerging Climate Change Culture. Let’s take a look.

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Getting Beyond Single Use Plastic

Our planet is choking on plastic waste! During Earth Week, learn more about the degradation of the planet caused by plastics and what we can all do about it at ‘Getting Beyond Single Use Plastic’ on April 27th from 1 pm to 4 pm at the Campbell River Regional Library, 1240 Shoppers Row.

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