Month: April 2019

“Home” Theme at Pearl Ellis Gallery

‘Home’ usually refers to the place where people reside. It is also where other creatures live: a bird’s nest, beaver lodge, spider web, under a log, in a compost heap, or in a lake. Homes can be mobile or temporary: an RV camper, a cabin in the woods, an empty shell for a hermit crab.

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I gave up owning a car the moment I retired. Why not! There was a bus stop right outside the front gate, and another just across the road. For seven years all I had to do was to battle the regional district to deal with the water-logged gullies and the erosion of the grass between the pull-off and the ditch between our fence and the actual stop.

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Sea Lice Epidemic Prompts Fish Farm Emergency Drug Trial Near Tofino

Norwegian salmon farming giant Cermaq has a sea lice emergency on their Clayoquot Sound salmon farms. Documents released through Access to Information indicate Cermaq obtained an Emergency Drug Release to use the insecticide Lufeneron to control sea lice in the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Region. Last year saw sea lice numbers in Clayoquot spike to levels never before seen in British Columbia, up to 54 lice per farmed fish—eighteen times the threshold for treatment set out by Department of Fisheries (DFO).

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