It’s happening!

The Cumberland Wetlands Conference is two weeks away and we’re all excited! Registration has been brisk, we’re almost full so if you haven’t registered, now is the time. Conference presenters are working on their talks, Ecofish has gifted us with some hydrology consulting and I will be adding a brief presentation on the wetland water study that started this whole thing off three years ago. Local graphic artist Megan Trumble has created a beautiful poster (attached). Many thanks to all of the organizations that have contributed and to my “Kitchen Cabinet” Tim Ennis, Meaghan Cursons and Jim Boulter.

May 10th-12th is going to be quite a weekend! See you all Friday afternoon for the Wetlands and Development round-table, Friday night for the Cumberland Forest Society Science Pub, Saturday for the conference and Sunday for the wetland walks.

For more information and to register, please visit our website

The Cumberlands Wetlands Working Group (CWWG) consists of individuals with an interest in the wetlands of Cumberland. The group was formed in 2017 when we noticed that some of the wetlands were drying over the summer … for the first time in memory. We got curious and approached the village about installing some gauges to measure water level. Once a week a CWWG volunteer walks through the wetlands and records the water level reading on each of the five staff gauged currently in place. Long term, this data will help us understand the hydrology of the wetlands and better manage this precious resource.


Steve Morgan

Conference Organizer, Cumberland Wetland Conference 2019