“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak.”– Audre Lorde
This workshop is presented as a partnership between the Comox Valley Transition Society, The John Howard Society, and the Comox Valley Lifelong Learning Centre, and funding is provided by the Comox Valley Drug Strategy Committee. The workshop is open to self identified girls/young women and non-binary 14-21 year olds. There is no charge and lunch is provided. 
To register, go to cvllc.ca/workshops or email admin@cvllc.ca or wendy.morin@jhsni.bc.ca.

A zine (pronounced zeen) is a self-published booklet, often created by
physically cutting and gluing text and images together. Creating zines
is a powerful form of expression. They can communicate rebellious words
and strong ideas. People who feel a burning need to share their energy
with the world make zines, so it’s no coincidence that zine culture is
often associated with some of the most energetic movements: punk,
feminist, queer, etc. The publication can be used for the spread of
ideas, subculture awareness, political issues, person life experience,
guidance, fan fiction and much, much more! Zine culture has made its
comeback in the recent years, due rise of individual expression in
social media. Girls Speak Out! Zine Making Workshop aims to hold a safe
space for those looking for a platform to express themselves, through
words and art.

Saturday April 27, 2019
12 – 6 pm @ 625 England Ave
This workshop is part of a bigger project that will establish the
existence of a zine library which will be housed at the Comox Valley
Lifelong Learning Centre. It will include zines made by people all
around the world as well as groups and individuals in the Comox Valley.
A vending machine, called the ZINE MACHINE, that will hold a changing
selection of zines will be moved around the community to showcase the
zines and raise awareness of the library and the opportunity for
community members to make zines to add to the library. The launch of
the zine machine and zine library will be held on May 18th at Market
Days in Cumberland – we will have a booth at this event with zines and
the zine machine. Please feel free to participate in this event with

PART 1: 12-2:00 PM
A discussion about zines and self-publishing: talking about the
histories of where zines came from (science fiction fans, punk, and riot
grrrl scenes), and where they are today.
• Exercise or discussion around storytelling – how to write your own
stories for zines
• Browse and explore a large collection of zines

2:00PM – 3:00PM BREAK

PART 2: 3:00-6:00
A chance to make a zine of your own!
• We will go over different ways to make the zine (booklets), and
different ways to bind them (staplers, sewing, etc)
• There will be paper, pens, pencils, markers, and collage materials
• Option of learning basic lino cut print making for cover

Instructor Bio:
Kerri Flannigan is an artist and educator currently based in Lekwungen
and W̱SÁNEĆ Territories who explores methods of storytelling and
documentary through art and zines. Coming-of-age confessions, queerness,
and swimming and have all been subjects of recent works. Kerri is a
longtime zinemaker and has won two best zine awards at Montreal’s small
press fair – Expozine.


Wendy Morin